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Nov 14, 2012 6:00am EST
a dale city shopping mall. if convicted, he could face life in prison. >>> this morning, the car you'll drive to work could be on the recall list. coming up, details of a major recall announced today by toyota. >> also ahead, ready to rebuild. ocean city's mayor says a landmark hit hard by hurricane sandy will be back on its feet soon. time now is 6:12. we'll be back. >>> welcome back to fox 5 morning news. damage estimates continue at the statue of liberty following the superstorm. it will remain closed for now. the landmark had just reopened last month following a $30 million renovation. >>> and a little closer to home now, good news for ocean city. the mayor says the city's famous fishing pier will be rebuilt soon. a large section of it was destroyed when hurricane sandy came through and the pilings that were left standing have been removed. the pier should be ready for business by the summer. so something to look forward to heading towards summer. but we've got to get through this. >> we have a long way to go before we're standing out on the pier jumping in the water. this is a l
Nov 8, 2012 6:00am EST
city mayor michael bloomberg urged residents of low-lying neighborhoods to leave. >> look at all this. >> that woman had a smile on her face. she was like i can't believe this. >> she had a smile on her face. >> she was like i can't believe what i'm doing. we had some showers overnight and even mixed with a little snow around here. picked autopsy you trace officially at reagan national so we've had our first flakes of the season. >> officially. >> just flakes. >> nothing to worry about shoveling around here today. we are looking -- we are trending towards better conditions later this afternoon. there is your satellite-radar. you can see our storm system still kind of roaring there off the southeast coast of massachusetts and rhode island. and we're on the back side of it. cloud cover will gradually dissipate. i think we'll get some clearing here by mid-morning and it should be a nice afternoon t will be a bit breezy and still cool for this time of year. our flow out of the north and west. we'll only see high temperatures in the low 50s. still work sunshine and temperatures about five
Nov 9, 2012 6:00am EST
into effect in new york city and long island today. many gas stations do not have power to run the pumps. so still trying to clean up all these days later after that storm. >> they've seen it all. >> in the biggest area so to speak, new york and new jersey. >> it is rough. >> are they going to get a break. >> yeah, i mentioned a few minutes ago the weather pattern will do a flip. they won't be quite as warm as we are but all the snow will be melted in a couple of days. let's get to it and show you the storminess from yesterday is departed to the east. we are looking at a very quiet weather pat were here to start your day. ments a little chilly out there. temperatures overnight back into the 30s and low 40s from our region. definitely a jack the here to start your day. but later this afternoon, with bright sunshine, less wind and temperatures in the mid- to upper 50s, it should start to feel a lot better than it felt around here in days. we're still looking at this great weekend warm-up. we'll have more details in just a couple of minutes. 39 at reagan national. we lost four degree in the pas
Nov 15, 2012 6:00am EST
is traffic that is starting to slow before potomac mills. we are may back upwell before dale city headed northbound on i-59 trying to work your way out to 123. metro is having some problems this morning. metro's red line single tracking between glenmont and wheaton. this is due to an earlier problem outside of the glenmont station. you will find that trains are moving right now but anticipate a slow get on metro's red line. other than that, things are working fine. no problems to report at the wilson bridge. traffic flowing freely on the top stretch of the beltway and headed over towards 270. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >>> one central question has been answered but man more will follow. former cia director david petraeus will testify about the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. >> president obama continues to come to the defense of one of the key players under scrutiny during a news conference at the white house. melanie alnwick is live with the latest on this > reporter: the controversies over this matter just keep piling on. the most recent regarding the resig
Nov 12, 2012 6:00am EST
of the city. again, a left clouds today. we should be dry. >> i like seeing that where it says warm on your little map there. >> that may be the last time you say that. >> why did have you to say the last time this month. >> it's november, not a bad thing. >> not what julie wright wanted to hear. >> let me enjoy this moment, will you guys, please. i'm wearing shorts. i'm loving this right now. on the roads, if you do have to make the trip into work this morning, light are than usual traffic volume. it is a federal holiday. hats off to those that have served and those that are currently serving. 95, 295 quiet now. you will find hov rules in effect for those traveling on 50 this morning in maryland so don't get caught off guard there. lanes are open. no problems reported at the wilson bridge. 395 at the 14th street bridge. traffic volume very light and running at speed continuing over to the southeast-southwest freeway. no problems reported on the southbound stretch. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. imetraffic. >>> president obama commemmorating veterans day at arlington national
Nov 13, 2012 6:00am EST
. >> the city can't keep enough medic units on the streets around the clock. today, d.c.'s fire chief will announce a plan to move medics off the overnight hours to help with busier times of the day. the chief disputes the claim by the firefighters union that this plan will reduce their ability to respond to calls by 36%. >> i don't know if that data is correct, first of all. what i will say is we will have an ambulance that can respond. we have 21 paramedic engine companies and seven ems supervisors who are also paramedics who can assist that ambulance to provide emergency or advanced life support care. >> the chief says the plan is not complete yet and it still needs to be discussed with the city council and stakeholders. >>> a list of d.c. schools targeted for closure and consolidation is scheduled to be revealed today. those suggested for consolidation will be combined with higher performing charter schools in the district. chancellor kaya henderson will make the announcement. this is the second time no four years closings or consolidation have been made. >>> a big change for make
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6